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Happiness is not tomorrow

Ego creates its own imaginary world

Centre of the Universe

Do you think i'm weird?

Happiness has no goal

A king without servants has no power

Am I Me by birth?

I love All of Me and beyond

Life by definition is volatile

The right to exist

God is inside of you

Im not infallible, Im everything

Judgement does not suit you

Many lines form a solid block

What a day for a daybreak

There is a choice

Curiosity heals all


Denial is like a wall of fog

Anything valuable is ephemeral

You become what you identify with

What's the use of old sorrow lingering on?

What are thoughts made of?

I am in my body but i am not of the physical

I am made of the stars

Unto the white core ...

Time to glow

Time doesn't pass away. We do.

What the hell are we doing!

The greatest transition ...

There is a whole universe behind a concept

Does the normal belong to the essential?

There are conditions for revealing magic

Shouldhaves don't work

Simply asking questions ...

It's a privilige to be able ...

One body heart mind

'Maybe' is russian roulette for the divine energy

Insecurity is the wavering egoic human mind

I agree with myself

Many a gay personas reside in their ...

Our emotions act like a filter ...

So the little boy awoke ...