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Religion hypnotizes rather than liberates

Every mind is a world in its own right

Testosterone conflicts free will

Exhaustion by ego makes CFS

Take Spirit to a next level

I am i am not

Contradictio in terminis

Light is a messenger

All that you perceive ...

Everything we believe about ourselves ...

On a constant wave ...

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New mind ahead

The search for perfection ...

Who i am ...

Today is the beginning of a new dream

For Jesus to be able to die for our sins ...

Less people, more space

Remember old mirrors

Perfection is a boaring illusion

The more i know the less i know

Believe is not a matter of fact

Tackle your illusions

O Prince, where is thy horse?

The description is not the described

In the very core of our Being

Ask The Universe

I'm that boy SCREAMING

A thousand and one choices


The pope is no authority on enlightenment


With thought one is able to go any direction

Are You Ready?

The idea of a boy


There is but only one manifestation of Self

Jack or joker?

Thoughts are merely pointers

Am i my thoughts?

The era of karma is over

Opinion doesnt always equal truth

Life is one eternal moment