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I am thinking but i am not of thought

I am my own master, i am my own pupil

What my eyes perceive ...

Everything taken for granted unconditionally ...

YOU are the centre of the multiverse

Go forth and multiply genuineness

This new day has never been here before

To be able to see ...

The Answer to Death is Life

I Am Made of Light

Originally I Am

Would the boy you once were ...

The Promised Land lies Within

When will we stop to create the same reality over and over again?

The Core of Dark is Light

Judas made a Bigger Sacrafice

Image is nothing more than an image

Suffering is Resistance to Life

I Am the Universe (The Universe is Me)

Letting go without collapsing

Glow, Be wonderfully imperfect

Mild maar resoluut

The Exception negates the Rule

To be bound to a Belief does not set you Free

Enlightenment rarely comes in an Instant

Crisis is a time for a Change of Mind

Re-create your dream

Insanity is not such a bad idea really

The Body has a limited Lifespan

Death is a fleeting moment

GLOW: Be Wonderfully Imperfect

Mild maar Resoluut

You Are Here

Every New Generation ...

Performance Anxiety: The Fear that You might Succeed

Challenge Your Believes

The moment i say I AM

The world is in need of revolution of the mind

Ego is only passionate about itself

Do not believe everything you think

Religion brings Seperation Above All

Sense More Subtle

That is not the Question

The Freedom to Not Know

The Paradox of Wisdom

Genuineness = Contagious

You were Born Ready

Many Arguements Pro and Contra are Imaginable, what about Uniting Ones for a Change?

There is but One Certainty: I will Liveth in this Body only Once

Where am I when I am asleep?